Upcoming Parking Lot Asphalt Project in KMV IV

Please read this notice completely.

There are going to be two phases for street paving work in our community during May. Phase 2 will require you to move your vehicle for 24hrs. If you do not move your vehicle by the time noted below, it WILL BE TOWED so that the road crews can do their work in a timely fashion. For more details on what is going on during each phase, please read below.

We will be posting additional reminders near the mailboxes, on this website, and via email as we get closer to the scheduled paving dates. If you would like to be notified of any last minute changes to the schedule, please sign up for the Newsletter mailing list by entering your email address in the sidebar to the right.


Phase 1: Crack Filling

Vehicles are not required to be moved.

May 8, 2015 – All Streets in KMV IV
Rain Date will be 5/11/2015

During this phase, cracks on the asphalt on all streets that are part of KMV IV will be filled. Cars will not need to be moved during this time.

Phase 2: Seal and Re-Stripe


Vehicles need to be moved by 7AM the day of Scheduled Work, until 6AM the following day

May 13 – Fieldmaster Drive, Alexis Lane, Alexis Court, Chaney Court.
Rain Date will be 5/18/2015

May 14 – Tiffany Park Court
Rain Date will be 5/19/2015

During this phase, the streets will be resealed with asphalt and after it dries all parking lines will be re-striped and curbs will be painted. It will take approximately 24hrs to cure and during that time no vehicles will be allowed on the street being serviced. All cars need to be moved on the date your street is scheduled. If it is not moved, IT WILL BE TOWED at your own expense.

Newsletter sign up

Sign up for our Newsletter Mailing list if you haven’t already. In the sidebar is a place for you to enter your email address and signup. You will be notified any time there is a posting on this website, which is mostly news for our community members. For events like this upcoming street paving, we will send out notices of any last minute changes, so it is really the best way to get notified if there is a rain delay or any other change to the schedule.

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