First Winter Storm of 2016

Dear Residents:

As you may have heard, we could be facing a potentially strong winter storm this weekend. Significant amounts of snow may be expected. During this storm, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Do not double park cars, or park in fire lanes. Plows need full access to our roads.
  2. Do not interfere with the plow drivers or snow blowing crews. They are here to clear sidewalks and streets, not to do private property. Homeowners are responsible for clearing their own walkways, and parking spaces.
  3. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Board directly at [email protected].¬†Emails will be monitored and answered as soon as possible.
  4. Field Master (from Old Keene Mill Road to Tiffany Park) and Blarney Stone are county roads. Keene Mill Village 4 does not plow these roads, that is left to VDOT or the county.
  5. Please be patient. If there is a significant snowfall, such as we had several years ago, main roads may be closed. If that does occur, our plow trucks will not be able to get through.
  6. Once the plows have gone through, do not throw or shovel snow into the streets. When the temperatures fall, this will freeze and cause a driving hazard.

We ask that you please be patient and considerate during this time.

We will be monitoring not only the storm’s progress, but also the cleanup. We will do our best to address issues and problems, but we need your cooperation and assistance.

Please stay safe and warm this weekend. If we all work together, things will go smoothly.

Further updates will be sent out by email if they become available.

Thank you!!!

Mary Margaret McKinney
Keene Mill Village 4 HOA

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