It’s Spring! You know what that means…

That’s right.

It’s time for the annual spring cleaning!

Join your fellow neighbors this Saturday April 23rd from 9am to noon. We’ll meet at the blacktop, DONUTS will be provided at 9am.

Our goal is to eat all the donuts cleanup as much of the common areas as possible. Bring some work gloves,and an appetite!

Who: The entire KMV4 Community
What: Annual Spring Cleanup
Where: Meet at the Blacktop on Tiffany Park Ct
When: Saturday, April 23rd, 9am-12noon


Get to know your neighbors, a Social Walk.

Would you like to get out and enjoy the morning air/sun? Come and hang out with other community members that want to walk, chat, or just sit on the benches and talk. Some plan to just circle the court, some intend to walk longer routes along the sidewalks, etc.. No commitment, come out and stay as long as you want. Meet some neighbors, enjoy the spring weather, work out the winter doldrums, etc.

Who: Village Walkers
What: Invitation to Walk and Socialize
Where: Blacktop court by Tiffany Park Court
When: 9:00 AM, Monday thru Friday mornings

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