#SnowZilla Wednesday Update. Trash pickup Thursday? Maybe…

Trash & Recycling, Thursday

Please read the below message from our Trash/Recycling vendor, American Disposal Services regarding collection on Thursday. Long story short, the trucks will try, but if they can’t make it up the street they will not come get the trash. If your trash is not picked up, PLEASE BRING IT BACK TO YOUR HOME ūüôā

Thursday Services РWe will be out and attempting services on Thursday, January 28th.  Keep in mind many secondary and neighborhood roads are still in poor condition.  If our large trash and recycling trucks are unable to maneuver around safely, services will not be provided.  Your safety, as well as our safety, is our top priority. If services are not provided, please bring your items back to your home.  Service will resume on your next scheduled collection day.  As a reminder, your TRASH service will resume on your next scheduled trash collection day.  Your RECYCLING service will resume on your next scheduled recycling collection day.  Please be assured we will collect any accumulated material when we return.

Please visit us on our website at www.americandisposal.com for up to the minute updates on delays and/or cancellations of service.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

American Disposal Services, Inc.


Mailboxes, sidewalks, streets.

Please be aware and help out any neighbors who may have difficulty digging themselves out.

Also, try and clear a path to the mailboxes so you and your neighbors can get mail. If the postman/postwoman can’t get to the mailbox, they won’t deliver mail. Likewise, we need to be able to reach it as well.

Please be careful while driving in the neighborhood since there are many¬†places the sidewalk hasn’t been cleared and pedestrians (including children) will be in the street. Many streets are one lane only right now, so please be courteous and considerate¬†when encountering another vehicle coming in the opposite direction.

Temperatures are going to be above freezing in the daytime, but below freezing at night for the next few days. This means lots of snow will melt, and then freeze as ice in the mornings. Please be careful when walking or driving.

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