Car breakins, make sure to lock your doors!

Two cars were vandalized on Tiffany Park Court in early October, 2018. Electronics were stolen from one of the vehicles. We have had similar incidents in the past, likely teenagers looking for easy money.

How to protect yourself:

  1. Lock your vehicles! Thieves walk around the parking areas, looking for unlocked cars to rob.
  2. Do not leave valuable items in your car….money, phones, computers, etc.
  3. Do not leave items that imply valuables are there such as charging cables, dashboard mounts, etc

To help keep our neighborhood safe:

  1. Turn on your outside light. Lighted areas help deter criminals.
  2. Report suspicious activity to police…
    Non Emergency: 703-691-2131. Program the non emergency number on your home phone or cell phone for easy reference. In the case of an emergency, call 911.

Help keep our neighborhood safe… share this information with your neighbors and encourage them to visit our web site to Stay Informed. Community Web Site:

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