Tree Trimming: Alexis Lane, Field Master and Chaney Court

The crews will be trimming trees in the parking areas of Alexis Lane, Fieldmaster and Chaney Court on the following dates: Monday, February 13 to Wednesday, February 15.

Alexis Lane and both courts on Fieldmaster will be trimmed on Monday and Tuesday.

Chaney Court will be trimmed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If your parking space is located under the trees inside these these courts, please move your vehicle so the crews can trim in those areas. Tree trimming will be done during the day, beginning around 8 AM. Once the crew is finished, you can move your car back into your spaces.

Please move your vehicles to Blarney Stone, the parking circle or along the Fieldmaster Drive. If your neighbor’s space is open during the day, ask permission to use their space. Please do not park in fire lanes (along yellow curbs).

Thank you! Please share with your neighbors.

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